What is the dream
for your website?

When you first start imagining a website it can be difficult to know where to start.  PhilC.Design will take those dreams and imaginations of a website and make them a reality for you.  We will even help you start writing your website so it can truly be effective!  Start the journey now…

What’s in an image?

What is that image or text that best describes your business, ministry, or  blog?  A sketch on a cocktail napkin or the margins of your meeting notes or even just an explanation and no image are all great places to start for PhilC.Design.  We will create a single logo or a logo package depending on your needs.

Missionary Communications Coaching

PhilC.Design has been serving on the mission field for over ten years and knows the struggles and difficulties of communications.  Learning from personal experience we want to coach you to be a better communicator via the web and newsletters.

Contact PhilC.Design

PhilC.Design’s skills and abilities go beyond websites, logos, and coaching.  If you have another area of graphics or communications needs please contact us so we can help you develop a product and tools that will best fit your needs.

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