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I have been designing websites since 1996 when I wrote my first website in HTML code. As I have worked with different clients I have adapted to their desired design software. Now in recent years as websites are being used by more individuals wanting to manage their own website it has become very relevant for me to learn Content Management System (CMS) software. After some personal research I have decided WordPress would be the best and easiest CMS software to place in the hands of a beginner so they can manage with ease and comfort after I’ve set up the plugins and other designs to make their site personalized.

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Cal Kohnke

Co-founder of YWAM Create International

I have worked with many creative people over the past twenty-seven years as a media professional. Especially among the most talented, egos can get in the way of productive workflow. However, my experience working with Phil Carlson has been just the opposite. Although he is one of the most skilled and creative people I know, he is also one of the most humble and cooperative. Communication with Phil has always been very enjoyable and productive. He works very well at a distance, and is quite skilled and knowledgable of the various Internet based workflow tools available today. Phil is a problem solver and is always honing his skills to be the most effective in his craft.

1380556_690507404310346_1488189767_nJeff Williams

I met Phil when he first moved to Chiang Mai, Thailand over ten years ago. We have remained good friends ever since. I have always known him to be creative and innovative, and can recall the first design project he helped us with was in the creation of cards showing a photo of my family and I, and stating our purpose in Thailand. What I had previously made for myself paled in comparison to the innovative design, graphics and layout that Phil created! We have went with his designs ever since! Recently, Phil has also set up our first website. And as always, his unique designs and innovations are a cut above the rest! He has also been a very helpful asset; an authoritative and knowledgeable resource regarding site maintenance. My wife and I are very happy with what he has created, and yet even now, he still looks for ways to improve upon what he did for us already! Phil strives for excellence in everything that he does, and that I would say, is a hallmark of his quality!

Lisa JoLisa Jo

I have known Phil since 2001. The first day I met him, we were moving in to our apartment and went to the YWAM Colorado Springs campus to ask for help. He was our first volunteer, and has stated a close friend ever since. I needed a prayer card for me and my husband and couldn’t figure out how to do it. Phil stopped what he was doing and did it for me. He’s like that. He was constantly helping people sort out their tech issues, and always with a smile. Last year while we were in Thailand, he helped me set up our web page, and since then he has helped me upgrade and maintain it. He is a strong man of God, an incredible communicator and a wonderful asset to any tech company. I would highly recommend his work.

From Freedom418 Co-founders

Phil Carlson has been a godsend to our ministry. He’s efficient, professional, thoughtful, communicative, a quick responser, and all of our interactions reflect the love and kindness of Christ in Him. When I send him a change to be made, whether minor or complex, it is typically done within 24 hours. Phil has a huge heart and strives for excellence. I highly recommend his services.