First tell PhilC.Design who you are

You are ready to write your website.  At PhilC.Design we want to see your site as successful as it can be.  To start we will need text for the following pages: homepage, about, and your contact information.

Quantity means a lot on the web

Each page should be around 300 words (or 2,000 characters) to help search engines like Yahoo and Google see your site.  For the homepage we have set the requirements that you must submit minimum of 2,000 characters.  The about page and other pages you submit in the future should be the same however if a search engine is finding your home page that is a start so we are only requiring 1,000 characters on the other pages.

We respect your privacy

The contact information we are asking for at the top is your personal contact information so we at PhilC.Design know how to get a hold of you and continue your project.  The personal contact information will never be shared on the website or with anyone else unless you first give permission to do so.  The public contact information will be on the website, this is how visitors will contact you!

Ready to send!

Once this is all submitted PhilC.Design will setup an example site for you with your information and your images.  If you like what you see we will send you a quote for the completed project and start work on the actual site right away!

    Your Contact Information

    Write Your Website

    Home Page
    (Minimum 2,000 characters ~ Maximum 4,000)


    About Page
    (Minimum 1,000 characters ~ Maximum 4,000)


    What additional pages are you planing?
    (tell the names of the pages don't send text now)

    Will your site be in more than one language?
    If yes how many languages are you planing on?

    Public Contact Information

    Upload Some Photos!

    Upload a maximum of five photos
    No more than 3mb each (jpg, png, tif only)



    ***Wait for the message "Your website was sent" to leave the page. It will take a little longer if you have large images you are sending PhilC.Design. You will also receive an automated email confirming your website has sent.