The same as most modern households we use our phones to listen to music all day long. Most phone speakers aren’t loud enough to really enjoy as you move around the house.  So I started looking online and came up with The iPhone amplifier made of wood concept.  I have seen countless concepts of iPhone amplifiers online. Some are simple and others more complex.  Coming across Wood Work City’s website I saw one of the best examples I felt I could build with the wood I had on hand.  Here is a link to the design concept I saw on WoodWorkingCity.

I started with scraps of some extremely rough wood I had used to build a table top.  The wood size is about 1½x3½”.

I started to cut the hole with a router and made it all the way through the wood but not very round.  The smaller hole on the right I cut with a paddle bit.

I then used a round-over bit in my router to soften the edges.

With a jigsaw I cut out the slot for the iPhone.

Continuing with the router I cut a grove to the holes and then created a little slot for the iPhone to sit in.

I cut a 4mm pice of plywood for the back, glued it on and added a couple screws to secure it in place.

For the finish I used Chaindrite Teak Oil and just because it is going to be moved around a lot and used in the kitchen I decided to put a few coats of polyurethane.

After looking at what I had done I realized a “hole saw” (like is used to cut for doorknobs) would be better to cut the larger round hole.  I have started making two more as gifts, they are all a little different size but the holes and the slot for the iPhone are all the same.

iPhone Amplifier Made of Wood

The raw wood before oil or poly

iPhone Amplifier Made of Wood

After the teak wood oil had been applied

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