Seriously Matt

Seriously Matt was the fist blog that I was contracted to design.  Matt knew what he wanted with the layout and expressed it really clearly and we were able to finish the site design in minimal time.  It was after designing Seriously Matt that I decided to start my...

Matt and Lia

The Matt and Lia website was designed as a wedding registry and online gift registry.  Matt had looked into many different services that provide these features but couldn’t find one that fit their needs all in one place and at a price that was worth it to them....

David and Lisa Jo

David and Lisa have been friends of mine for many years.  They approached me to design a website to communicate with supporters of their ministry with YWAM so they know what they have done and what they are doing.  A simple personal site but with some social...

Philip & Lab

My families website sharing some of what we do in Thailand with those who support our ministry.  Often out personal page has been a test site to show what can be done. Visit our site here:

Fillup of Philip

Always wanting to learn new skills and express myself in blog format I started my own blog using WordPress. Visit my blog here: