One evening out with some friends when we went to park the car we were told that we would need to make a purchase in the hotel loby and get our parking ticket stamped.  As soon as we stepped into the loby we saw prints paintings and started to sift through the stack to find something we liked.  I found three of old ChiangMai city (not the old wall but just outside of the old walled city).  Now that I had the prints I needed to find a frame to match the old city look of the painting.  I looked in a few places and just wasn’t happy with what I was finding and finally it hit me— repurposed window, I needed to go to the scrap yard and find a window I could repurpose as a frame.  Finding the window that had six slots with six pieces of unbroken glass was the fun part to me.  Then the work started:


I cleaned the dust and dirt off the window frame and glass (after all it is going to be hanging in the house I don’t want to bring dirt in purposefully).

I looked at my cleaning chemicals and decides to use a light grit sand paper with some paint thinner to take off some of the paint giving it the aged look.  That worked a little but then went to the kitchen and found a grease remover and sprayed that on the paint just letting it sit for a few minutes then cleaning it off with the sandpaper and that worked better (and less smelly than the paint thinner).

I then took the window to a shop to ask about getting custom cut mirrors for the three slots that wouldn’t have paintings in them.  Half a day later we picked up the window from the shop new mirrors in and the remaining glass was glued in tight as well (high recommendations to this shop).

I needed to trim the matting for the prints and then placed them in the selected three slots.

Picture wire time and hanging on the wall (even my 3yr old son gave me a hand putting the frame up).

Repurposed Window

First getting the window home.

Repurposed Window

Testing the prints in the window

Repurposed Window

After the window has go through more distressing.

Repurposed Window

The window has returned from the mirror shop

Repurposed Window

Prints places, picture wire on and hung in the bedroom.

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